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Mega Volume Starter Kit


Everything you need for your students to get started learning Mega-Volume eyelash extensions. Valued at over $330, thoughtfully curated with Mega-Volume students in mind, this kit contains:

  • 5ml Pro Plus Adhesive
  • 15ml Gel Remover
  • Pure Primer
  • Full-size All-in-one Cleansing Foam
  • C .03 mix tray
  • CC .03 mix tray
  • D .03 mix tray
  • C .05 mix tray
  • CC .05 mix tray
  • D .05 mix tray
  • BV boot pick up tweezer
  • BV Ultra-fine isolation tweezer
  • 40 pair TLC gel pads
  • 10 pair Bio-gel pads
  • Clear glass palette
  • 50 disposable cleansing wands
  • 50 lint-free flocked applicators
  • 50 mascara wands
  • Rinsing bottle for cleansing
  • 3M plastic tape

* Due to the discount off retail value, the kits are not included in any other discounts

All in One Cleansing Foam- new size available!

Our innovative, best-selling formula your clients will fall in love with, now available in TSA Approved Luxe Travel Size!

  • Removes all traces of face & eye makeup
  • Gentle formula does not burn or sting
  • Easy for clients to use on entire face & eyes to care for their lashes & skin all at once
  • Proper pH for lash hair & skin
  • Beautifully balanced for all skin types from dry/sensitive to oily
  • Large 150ml/ 5 oz bottle or Luxe Travel 80ml/ 2.9 oz bottle
  • Cruelty-free formula is Oil/fragrance/soap/paraben free

+TLC TIPS- Let clients know they can cleanse the entire face and eyes all in one to make it easy to care for their lashes.

Build price of cleanser into the full set to give to each client

Cleanse every client's lashes with All-in-One Foaming cleanser before each appointment to get a perfect bond and better retention

Suggested Retail Price  

Regular size $28- $32

Luxe Travel size $16-20

TLC gel pads

  • Thin light
  • Minimal gel, yet enough to hold most lowers
  • Comfortable easy to remove
  • Great for sensitive clients
  • Easily customize shape by trimming

In stock

.03 diameter mix length trays

Standard Mix 7-13mm

Short Mix- 6-11mm

Long Mix- 11-16mm

• Must have lashes for creating Mega-Volume
• Crafted of the finest hand-selected PBT material
• Specialty tape that makes fanning and pickup smooth & easy
• Length of lash printed on the bottom of each strip
• Exceptional curl retention
• Deep matte black
• Soft, flexible taper
• Cruelty-free

.05 diameter mix length trays

Pure Primer

The Lash Collection Pure Primer is your perfect final step to prep the lashes for an optimal bond.

  • Low alcohol content, doesn't dry out the lashes
  • Removes oil, debris, & residue for excellent retention
  • Gentle and soothing
  • Neutral pH to help adhesive cure properly

In stock

Gel Remover

  • Quickly breaks down lash adhesive
  • Removes extensions safely without damaging natural lashes
  • Clear gel formula

In stock

Pro Plus Eyelash Extension Adhesive 5ml

  • 2-3 second dry time
  • Great for volume and classic
  • Performs best between 40-65% humidity
  • Superb Retention
  • Low Fumes
  • Smooth, black, & glossy texture

In stock

Clear glass palette

  • Clean, simple tile with no distractions
  • Heavy glass stays in place when picking up lashes
  • Compact size fits with nearly any setup, but wide enough to accommodate a standard lash strip
  • Washable and sanitizable

Out of stock

BV Volume boot tweezer

  • Strong grip, helps hold volume fans
  • Easily grasps lashes
  • Lightweight to prevent hand fatigue
  • Matte finish ensures less slipping
  • Each pair is hand tested before shipping

In stock

BV ultra fine isolation tweezer

  • Precision tips
  • Easily keeps isolation, even with small lashes
  • Slightly less sharp than Dumont isolation & sharper than BV curved
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Gets right up to the base of lashline to isolate effortlessly

In stock

3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape

  • 1 inch wide roll
  • Lash artists favorite
  • Thin & versatile
  • Our most gentle, delicate tape
  • Holds securely
  • Can be used to tape down lower lashes
  • Perfect for taping upper layer of lashes
  • Can be used for stretching eyelid

In stock

Bio-Gel Eye Pads

  • Bright white material helps artists see clearly
  • Holds lashes very securely
  • Brilliant for securing hard to hold down lashes
  • Chemical-free gel
  • One unit contains 5 cards/10 pair

Out of stock

Disposable Mascara Wands

  • Must have for keeping lashes tidy during application
  • Give to clients to help them maintain their lashes
  • Classic black color
  • Package of 50

+TLC Tip: Send your used, but clean mascara wands to Appalachian Wildlife Rescue for cleaning and grooming of rescued animals.

Out of stock

Small rinse bottle

Perfect bottle to rinse your client's after cleansing or lash lifting & tinting

• Soft, flexible plastic makes it easy to squeeze

• Remove nozzle using a clean cotton gauze to open & fill

• 3" tall by 1" wide

In stock

Disposable cleansing wands

  • Brilliant for cleansing your clients' lashes for them
  • Gets around and between the lashes
  • Gently cleanse with no snagging or pulling
  • Package of 50

+TLC TIP: Use for cleansing client's lashes with TLC All-in-One Cleansing Foam before application for a perfect bond. These disposable cleansing wands are the perfect way to cleanse your client's lashes in the most sanitary way possible. Soft, flexible bristles reach down between lashes to coax out any debris for a squeaky clean lash line.

In stock

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