Premade 5D .05 volume fans mix tray



800 fans per box of these beautiful Elleebana Pre-Made volume fans.

Convenient mixed lengths books – either short mix  (2 x 7mm, 3 x 8mm, 4 x 9mm, 5 x 10mm, 6 x 11mm) or long mix (2 x 14mm, 3 x 13mm, 4 x 12mm, 5 x 11mm and 6 x 10mm)

The precision design pointed bases help with retention and easier attachment.
The finish is a luscious black, high-quality PBT fiber that is non-translucent for extra definition and fullness.
The bases are medium stem bases, not too short and not too long – the advantage of this is that long stem bases give a dense finish and short bases give a fluffier effect, we have the best of both worlds with the medium stem length.
Premade fan applications cut client application time in half for the artist – making the service more economical for salons to offer.
Silver foiling on the strips to allow for easy removal of strips from the packaging that is re-adherable to other surfaces.
White backing to the strips for easy viewing and size/lengths and curls labeled across the strip to allow for cutting strips without losing track of what you have placed onto your lash palette.

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