One on One Zoom Coaching with Sarah

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Sarah started off a solo artist in her spare bedroom and created the #1 lash salon in Atlanta, with an amazing team of artists.  Whatever you are going through, she has been there and can help. Let Sarah’s 14+ years in the lash industry help cut through the noise and guide you to create the business of your dreams.

All calls are 45 minutes each via zoom.

You can learn:

  • How to create and enforce policies
  • Navigate tricky conversations with clients
  • Plan a successful price increase that doesn’t feel so scary
  • Get your last minute cancelations under control
  • Learn to create a luxe experience for your clients
  • Get over the challenge of not getting referrals
  • Increase your Google reviews
  • Going from solo artist to having a team
  • How to charge top dollar
  • Any topic you want experienced help with to create your dream lash business

Calls are 45 minutes via zoom.

Available individually or in packages of 5 or 10.

Product Reviews

2 reviews for One on One Zoom Coaching with Sarah

  1. Sarah Pennington

    Shey thank you for putting your trust in me to help guide your already awesome business to it’s next chapter. You guys are doing great, and it’s exciting to see the changes I suggested coming to fruition and setting you up for manageable growth without too much stress. I definitely want to see you succeed and will always be here for you cheering you along.

  2. Sarah Pennington

    Julia, I am so proud of how far you have come already with your business. Helping you quiet the storm of all the decisions was such a pleasure, and I’m so happy to hear that it has made a real difference for you. Business ownership can feel overwhelming, so I am delighted to have helped ease those feelings and get you on track for success. Well done with the changes you have implemented. I’m looking forward to seeing how your business grows.

  3. julia.harris

    As a new business owner, I was feeling overwhelmed with just how many decisions I needed to make in a given week and month. I had not been faced with this many decisions since I graduated from college. It was time to seek help and I found out that Sarah offered mentoring/coaching sessions. Being able to talk to her was the single best decision I could have made. She was able to help me streamline my thoughts to put processes in an effort to become more consistent and organized in my business. It was a relief to get control over my thoughts and decisions in order for my business to remain successful. The take-aways I’ve gained during these coaching sessions have been invaluable. Thank you so much Sarah for your time and expertise!!

  4. sheyanderson

    Chatting with Sarah has been a game changer for my business partner, Nicole, and I. We’ve bounced many ideas off of her and she always listened to us while also guiding us through it…whether that means making a plan to see them come to fruition or scrapping them all together and starting plan B. Sometimes it’s nice to have that outside perspective and Sarah has always steered us in a great direction. We truly believe it is bc she wants to see us, and others for that matter, succeed. We highly recommend a couching session with her, you won’t be disappointed.

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