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M100 Micro Grip Tweezer Bundle- Matte Black


Introducing the Ultimate Lash Artist’s Toolset – M100 Tweezer Collection! – Now available in classic matte silver or the sleek and exclusive limited edition matte black.Our Tweezer Bundle has everything you need to create stunning lashes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this bundle is your secret weapon for precision, comfort, and style.

• M100 Micro Grip Tweezer:
– The star of the show, the M100 Micro Grip Tweezer, features ultra-fine laser etching for phenomenal grip on the finest of lashes.
– With its perfectly balanced design, you’ll experience comfort and control during lash applications.
– The innovative angled tip allows you to effortlessly work from any direction, ensuring impeccable results every time.

• Ultra Fine Isolation Tweezer:
– Our best-selling Ultra Fine Isolation Tweezer is a must-have for any lash artist.
– Designed for isolating and separating lashes with finesse, it guarantees precise and efficient isolation, helping you work faster and more accurately.

• New Lash Mirror Design:
– Our newly designed lash mirror is the perfect addition to your lash tool arsenal.
– Its sleek and ergonomic design allows you to check your work from every angle, ensuring your lash extensions are flawless.

From classic matte silver to the limited edition matte black, choose the style that suits your aesthetic. Elevate your lash game with this essential bundle.

M100 Micro Grip Tweezer

  • Introducing the M100 Micro Grip Tweezer - Your Ultimate Lash Tool

    • Ultra Fine Laser Etching:
    - Unparalleled precision with the finest laser etching for the ultimate grip on lashes.
    - Ensures every lash is firmly held, making your lash application a breeze.

    • Precision Tip:
    - Designed with a precision tip that allows you to select lashes with ease.
    - Achieve flawless results with even the tiniest and finest lashes.

    • Perfectly Balanced for Comfort:
    - Ergonomically designed for perfect balance and comfort during use.
    - Reduce hand fatigue and enhance your precision lash application.

    • Effortless Work from Any Direction:
    - Innovative angled design helps you work effortlessly from any angle or direction.
    - Say goodbye to awkward positioning and hello to flawless lash placement.

    • Stylish Matte Silver & Limited Edition Matte Black:
    - Now available in classic matte silver for a sleek and timeless look.
    - Limited edition matte black adds a touch of elegance to your lash tool collection.
    - Choose the style that suits your aesthetic.

    Upgrade your lash game with the Micro Grip Tweezer – the perfect tool for lash artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. Achieve precision, comfort, and style like never before. Grab yours today and elevate your lash application to the next level!

Matte Black

BV ultra fine isolation tweezer

Our best selling isolation tweezer, now available in classic Matte Silver, or the sleek, limited edition Matte Black

  • Precision tips
  • Easily keeps isolation, even with small lashes
  • Slightly less sharp than Dumont isolation & sharper than BV curved
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Gets right up to the base of lashline to isolate effortlessly
Matte Black

Lash Mirror

Get a full view of your lash work before your client opens their eyes with our newly designed lash mirror. Our lash mirror is the versatile and vital tool every lash artist needs in their kit. Available now in classic Matte Silver and sleek, limited edition Matte Black

• Wide angle allows for a fuller view of the lash line

• Check gel pad placement

• Make certain eyes are sealed closed

• Check your symmetry

• Look for styling adjustments

• Get a clear view of your work to give your clients the best results

Matte Black
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