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Classic Starter Kit

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Everything you need for your students to get started learning Classic eyelash extensions. Valued at over $330, thoughtfully curated with Classic students in mind, this kit contains:

  • 5ml Pro Adhesive
  • 15ml Gel Remover
  • Pure Primer
  • Full-size All-in-one Cleansing Foam
  • C .15 mix tray
  • CC .15 mix tray
  • D .15 mix tray
  • C .12 mix tray
  • CC .12 mix tray
  • D .12 mix tray
  • BV boot pick up tweezer
  • BV Ultra-fine isolation tweezer
  • 40 pair TLC gel pads
  • 10 pair Bio-gel pads
  • Clear glass palette
  • 50 disposable cleansing wands
  • 50 lint-free flocked applicators
  • 50 mascara wands
  • Rinsing bottle for cleansing
  • 3M kind removal silicone tape
  • Adhesive Stickers

* Due to the discount off retail value, the kits are not included in any other discounts

Flat .15 mix length trays


Standard Mix- 7-13mm

Short Mix- 6-11mm

Long Mix- 11-16mm

Introducing our remarkable Flat Lashes, designed to create bolder, darker lash looks with a lightweight feel. Experience the benefits of these lashes that feature a special raw material:

  • Bold and Dark: Achieve striking lash looks with deeper and more intense darkness, thanks to the unique raw material used in our Flat Lashes. The lashes are matte black, providing a sophisticated and natural appearance.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Enjoy the incredible lightweight feel of our lashes, providing a comfortable and natural experience for your clients. They are soft and flexible, ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Superior Retention: The larger area of attachment offered by Flat Lashes ensures enhanced lash retention, leading to longer-lasting lash extensions. Your clients will enjoy lashes that stay put, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups.
  • Superb Curl Retention: Our Flat Lashes are expertly crafted to maintain their curl, delivering exceptional curl retention that lasts. Say goodbye to lashes that lose their shape prematurely and hello to long-lasting, beautifully curled extensions.
  • Versatile Mix Tray Options: Choose from three different mix tray length options, allowing you to create customized lash looks for each client. Whether they desire a natural, glamorous, or dramatic effect, our mix trays provide the perfect assortment of lengths.

Elevate your lash game with our Flat Lashes and transform ordinary lash sets into extraordinary works of art.

+TLC TIP: Mix Flat Lashes in shorter lengths throughout any set for added depth, or along the lowest layer to create a beautiful eyeliner effect Our .15 flat lashes can be used in place of standard classic .12 or .10 diameter lashes.

+TLC TIP Mix Flat Lashes in shorter lengths throughout any set for added depth, or along the lowest layer to create a beautiful eyeliner effect

Standard Mix

.15 diameter mix length trays

  • The standard diameter in classic lashing
  • Made from the finest hand-selected PBT material
  • Exceptional curl retention
  • Deep matte black
  • Soft, flexible taper
  • Specialty tape that makes pickup smooth & easy
  • Lengths of lashes printed along the bottom of each strip
  • Cruelty-free
  • 16 rows, up to 13mm- with more of your most beloved lengths

+TLC TIP Always mix diameters to give fullness and density to your classic sets

Standard Mix

Large rinse bottle

Squeaky clean lashes are vital to a perfect prep and for lash lift & tint services. This rinse bottle makes it easy to get the perfect flow to thoroughly rinse your client's lashes.

• Soft, flexible plastic makes it easy to squeeze

• Removable nozzle makes filling a breeze

• Easily control the water flow

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Product Reviews

2 reviews for Classic Starter Kit

  1. Kaylee Morris

    I offer this kit and the mini kit at my students choice for my trainings. I love how beautifully packaged and professional their products are. It really helps elevate my trainings instead of using some basic amazon lash kit. And you get a ton of product in this kit for the price.

  2. beautybymia8

    This kit is an amazing value for really high quality products. I just bought this kit when I switched over to this brand and haven’t looked back.

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