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What are mink lashes and silk lashes?

What are mink lashes and silk lashes?

Often times we see the words “mink lashes” and there is a lot of confusion around what these lashes really are. Are they made of mink fur? 99% of the time, the answer is no. Authentic mink fur lashes had a small moment around 2009. The problem was, they were very expensive and did not come in specified lengths or diameters. The main issues, though, were they did not hold their curl well and clients often had trouble keeping them squeaky clean; not to mention concerns of animal welfare.

That said, when you see lashes called “Mink” or “Silk”, they are now normally made out of a material called Polybutylene Terephthalate, or PBT for short.

The problem is PBT is not sexy.

So manufacturers & suppliers had to come up with something that sounded much better than PBT, and that’s where Mink and Silk come in. It just sounds so much more evocative of the type of feeling we want for the lashes we are using on our clients.

PBT out performs the old authentic mink lashes in several ways, namely curl variety and curl retention. Due to the high moldability of PBT, they can be formed in a huge array of curls, and they hold their shape much better than their authentic mink counterparts. The ability to provide specific lengths, diameters, and curls in lashes made of PBT allows artists nearly unlimited customization for their clients. We currently have over 440 variations of length/diameter/curl available at The Lash Collection.

But not all PBT is the same.

There are many different offerings of PBT raw material available to manufacturers- different qualities, sheens, weights, firmness, etc. The options are vast, and can make a huge difference in the final product when it comes to eyelash extension supplies.

When it comes to choosing what lash extension supplies to buy for your clients, you want to be aware that Mink and Silk do not have standards attached to the name. So one company’s Mink could be similar to another company’s Silk. I’ve seen people online refer to Silk as shinier, and Mink as more matte. But that is not standard across brands in any way. So the best way to determine if an eyelash extension product will be right for you is to try it! Ordering a mix tray from a company is a great way to try out an eyelash extension brand to see if their lashes are the type of quality that you are looking for.

I personally flew to several countries and continents to not only watch & learn about the process of eyelash extension manufacturing, but also to hand select the raw PBT material for The Lash Collection lashes. For me, the quality of PBT is a critical aspect of the lashes from shape, curl, weight, sheen, etc. Having an eyelash extension that is deep black, soft, flexible, holds it curl, and is not shiny, is a tall order. Finding just that material has helped me provide eyelash extension supplies to myself, and artists around the globe that they can rely on to give their clients the best result possible.

Educating yourself on the materials you are using to perform the eyelash extension service is a key component in making you a sought after and confident artist.

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